UPDATE! Do We Un-Cancel Jess Hilarious After Her Apology??!


Jess Hilarious seems to have had a change of heart since her last post. Yesterday, she issued, what seems like, a heart-felt apology. It looked like she was on the verge of tears.

Does this mean she should be forgiven? Is this going to save her career? Or is she still cancelled? What do you think?


Jess Hilarious gained her comedy fame from Instagram. She blew up online, and is now starring in the Fox show "Rel". Jess has always had a lose tongue, but recently it seems to have gotten out of hand. Less than 2 months ago, she infuriated the LGBTQ community after calling a commenter a "fa**ot". Well, she is at it again, and she is getting grinded up for it. A day after the horrific Muslim killings in New Zealand, Jess posted a video of 4 Sikhs walking on a plane & how unsafe she felt. She has since deleted that post. She got the men kicked off the plane and then she expressed her happiness.

The first problem with all this is...she thought the men were Muslims and they weren't. Secondly, these were not bothering you so why are you messing with them. People did not like that! They dragged her to hell, and yes...she did respond.

Check it out below!


Fox Hosts Special Hometown Screening Of "REL" In Baltimore

Of course, people were not at all amused by her commentary so they made sure to drag her online!

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