Justin Bieber Reveals He Wants To Collab With SZA, H.E.R. & Jhené Aiko Next

Justice is here. Justin Bieber has officially released his brand new album, Justice, and to celebrate, the star opened up about the new project during his exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party, hosted by Elvis Duran.

Justice is Bieber's sixth full-length album, following 2020's Changes. The new album showcases 16 songs, including previously-released tracks like "Holy" featuring Chance the Rapper, "Lonely" with Benny Blanco, "Anyone," and "Hold On," in addition to guest appearances from artists like Khalid, the Kid Laroi, Burna Boy, Daniel Caesar and Giveon, and Beam.

Bieber made Justice during the pandemic, and explained the positives and negatives of making the record during this time, while being in quarantine with his wife Hailey. He recalled, "The bad part, obviously as we know, is sometimes too much time with someone can cause a lot of disfunction because you're in each other's face and space all the time. So, you can get annoyed with that person, and it can just be a really difficult situation. And I think, for me, having the outlet to be able to make music and go to the studio and get some space from her, often in this quarantine, as we know, not everybody has that luxury to just even work in this time. Some people do, some people don't. So, with that being said, I wanted my intention in this project and in this process to be, well, if I have this opportunity that some people don't, let me use this time and this space to create something for people, and something that's going to encourage them in this time, so that's kind of what I did."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Elvis told Justin about a text he received from a mutual friend of theirs explaining that Bieber is "in the best headspace ever." After Duran read Justin the text, the singer said, "I would hope so," adding, "I feel a lot more secure than I have in the past, which is good. I got a good home life and I just feel good."

Bieber continued on by explaining, "Happiness can come and go, and obviously, people know that my faith is really important to me, and I've struggled a lot with just where I fit and where I belong, and I've struggled a lot with even just what I believe. And so I think, at this point in my life, I feel like I have a really strong foundation of who I am, and who I believe God is, and I think it's helped me navigate this challenging life that we're all living."

In the last part of the show, Justin took questions from some lucky fans who had joined him via Zoom. Being that Bieber has collaborated with so many different artists, one fan named Kiesha asked him who he wants to work with next. He said, "I really love SZA, I love H.E.R., and then thirdly Jhené Aiko who I think is super, super talented."

Before this, Hailey crashed the Album Release Party as Justin was explaining how Justice stands out from his other albums. He said, "I just think I continue to evolve, and I continue to change, and I continue to grow, and I continue to just find new reasons, and meanings. And I think that that's obviously the goal for every project, is just continue to, you know ... obviously there's pressure to outdo each project. But, I think as long as I just look at it through the eyes of, like, 'Wow, I have another opportunity to use what God's put inside me to make other people happy, that's been the driving motivator for me, and so that's been really helpful."

Another fan, Peri Martins, who is an aspiring artist and has posted a few impressions of Bieber on her TikTok account that went viral, had asked what career advice he could share with her in terms of getting started. He said:

"So the one thing that I would obviously say, I feel like you're already doing, using social media. That has been the biggest tool for me. It's been kind of how I jumpstarted my career and it's kind of how I continue to keep relevant and stay connected. So, I think just building your social media, and also just continue to enjoy the process of making your art and your music, because I think people can tell whether it's contrived, and you're doing it for the wrong reasons. And I think when you can just enjoy what you're doing and continue to get better every day, whether there's a hundred people watching or 10 people watching or a million people watching you, just having the same attitude about your work and what you want to accomplish."

And advice aside, he also gave her an opportunity to share her socials to help people discover her. She excitedly said, "My TikTok is what I post on, it is Perry Martins, @perimartins4, and I actually just put out my first song ever. It's in my bio there on all my social media. It's called 'YGTG.'"

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