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Luke Roux Foundation: Live from the Travelers Championship Fan Zone

Pictured with Renee DiNino: Carri and Steve Roux, Founders of the Luke Roux Foundation

The Travelers Championship at the TPC River Highlands enjoyed June 17th - 23rd

Carri and Steve Roux are the Founders of the Luke Roux Foundation and share how you can support their mission through Birdies for Charity with The Travelers Championship! Listen to our interview below and get connected to Birdies for Charity!

The Luke Roux Foundation supports change at the local, state, federal, and corporate levels to reduce the number of lives lost every year from impaired driving. They advocate for iterative technology improvements in existing automobile systems to accelerate the advancements of impaired driving prevention. They support initiatives and programs that help to reduce future preventable tragedies caused by impaired driving, and they are dedicated to supporting organizations that helped shape Luke's distinct character in their efforts to extend the love, hope and kindness that Luke created in his short life.

The Luke Roux Foundation's mission is to reduce fatalities caused by impaired driving today...and eliminate them tomorrow.

CLICK HERE for the Luke Roux Foundation.

In 2004, The Travelers Championship launched the Birdies for Charity program, adopting a national model that has seen great success in other markets. Today, the Birdies for Charity program continues to develop and thrive and has become an easy and effective fundraising opportunity for every 501(c)(3) organization. Birdies for Charity is a giving platform that utilizes the excitement around the Travelers Championship to help nonprofits across the region raise awareness and funds to support their missions. Thanks to the support of Webster Bank, organizations have the opportunity to receive a 15% bonus on every donation through the program.

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Charity Registration

If You are a Charity:

All registered 501(c)(3) organizations in the Northeast United States can participate once registered. You can solicit donations and know that the heavy lifting of administration and billing will be taken care of by the Travelers Championship, with no credit card or administration fees. There is no minimum amount organizations must raise to participate or receive the 15% bonus.

If You are a Charity Donor:

It is gratifying to know that 100% of every donation collected goes directly to your specified charity. All administrative costs and online fees are covered to make this possible. Plus, through the Bonus Bucks Pool, the tournament is able to give every charity an additional 15% of every donation to make the deal even sweeter.

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